The Alexander Technique is a unique, practical and useful self-help method for undoing harmful postural habits that is learnt to improve co-ordination, balance and restore inherent natural bodily alignment. Using an holistic approach it teaches life skills that promote well-being. It can be applied where ever you are to whatever you're doing, anything from using a computer to addressing an audience to running a marathon.

Most of us tend to do things without paying attention to how we do them, instead focusing almost entirely on what we are trying to do. We often try too hard, lose sight of ourselves and go wrong. The Alexander Technique teaches us how to recognise and release the build-up of unnecessary muscular tension in the way we move and use ourselves in everyday life. This unnecessary and often harmful tension is deeply ingrained and can restrict our activities and limit our enjoyment of life.

Practised worldwide for over 100 years, the Alexander Technique can help you to respond with greater ease, more efficiently and effectively. It can help to manage or prevent problems such as aches, pains, stiffness, stress, anxiety and fatigue. Often used by performers and sportspeople to help realise potential, the Alexander Technique could help you to feel more carefree, energised, flexible and relaxed, whatever your age or physical ability.