People practise the Alexander Technique in order to:

alleviate pain

regain control of your body

move more easily and efficiently

improve posture and performance

be better balanced and co-ordinated

restore natural bodily alignment

regain natural poise and flexibility

move gracefully using less effort

breathe and speak more easily

enjoy inner calm and confidence

feel energised and relaxed

be alert and focused

improve overall functioning and well-being

When we are young we are poised and

graceful. The bombardment of life's

stimuli often means we lose this quality

stiffen and become fixed.

Fortunately we can undo unnecessary

tension by changing our habits to

restore inherent natural alignment

and freedom of movement.

The Alexander Technique helps people all over the world,

no matter what their age or physical ability.

Here's a small idea of some of the types of people who benefit:


Those suffering from:

musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, RSI, frozen shoulder, joint and muscle pain, vocal problems

It also helps those looking to improve their performance:

sportspeople,  actors, musicians, public speaking and presentation skills

Those adapting to life changes such as:

convalescence, ageing, pregnancy, depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue


Is it for me?

If you're the sort of person who likes thinking for yourself, taking responsibility of your own situation or sorting out your own problems then you'll love the Alexander Technique.  Contact Jayne to make an appointment.