Jayne Laker teaches the Alexander Technique in and around Burgess Hill, Mid-Sussex.



"The Alexander Technique grounds and uplifts me.  It gives me confidence to be myself and greater freedom of choice when responding to life’s demands. I get great satisfaction witnessing the benefits people gain from the Alexander Technique."


Jayne Laker MSTAT*

(*Member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


About me

I'm a fully qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique and have successfully completed a three year full-time teacher training course accredited by STAT (the oldest and largest society of teachers of the Alexander Technique).

I guarantee complete confidentiality and adhere to the society's Code of Professional Conduct.

I have been studying the Alexander Technique since 1997.


My expertise is in delivering tailor made on-demand coaching and quick and effective solutions that give long-lasting results. I have a wealth of experience in working on a one-to-one basis with people from all walks of life who have wide and varying needs.


My Background

After leaving college I went on to study acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (1984-86), where I first learnt about the Alexander Technique, which is taught in performing-arts establishments all over the world.


I went on to retrain in IT (Information Technology) and spent most of my career prior to teaching the Alexander Technique working as a Business Systems Manager for a large blue-chip corporate company. Working extensively in the area of “end-user” IT training I had overall responsibility for delivering both classroom based training courses and a one-to-one coaching service. I have a great understanding of adult learning styles and am able to easily adapt to individual’s current needs. As well as having direct responsibility for other's personal development, I have also delivered many continuous improvement initiatives in the areas of internal company process and team building.  I have had the great privilege of working with many people at all levels throughout a large organisation from factory floor to the boardroom. During this time the Alexander Technique helped me to develop effective presentation skills and communicate with confidence.


In my spare time I love to roam around in the woods with my family and return to childhood pursuits. I also love visiting art exhibitions and enjoy travelling and meeting people from different cultures.  The Alexander Technique gives me practical means to find the stamina and patience to bring up two small children and run a busy household.



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