My lessons are tailored to suit your individual requirements and cost £35 for 50 minutes duration.

In a typical first session we work to establish your aims for learning the Alexander Technique and discuss any issues you may have.  We cover some of the basic concepts of the technique and you get to experience some hands-on work using basic movement (such as standing or sitting) plus some lying down work on an Alexander Technique table (similar to a massage couch) where you will be shown how to practise the semi-supine position for yourself outside of lessons.

What you can expect in a typical lesson:

- a discovery of how your individual tension patterns interfere with everyday activity

- a process of undoing unnecessary tension to gain improved alignment, balance and co-ordination

- an experience of the hands on application of the Alexander Technique principles

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Terms & Conditions

Cash or Cheques accepted. Payment required by the end of each lesson. 24 hours notice required in case of cancellation, otherwise full fee due.